Trackita transforms enterprises to improve their technology, processes and people.

Services Offered by Trackita

At Trackita, our mission is to partner with enterprises and empower them to make significant improvements across their technological landscape, operational processes, and the development of their workforce.

At Trackita, we believe that a successful digital product is built upon a foundation of…

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In the chaotic world of constant transformation, leveraging data… 

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Creating transformation requires a harmonious blend of expertise…

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User Experience Practice and Business Analysis

Our consultants work closely with multidisciplinary teams and is responsible for helping their team to build an understanding of users’ needs, behaviors, and motivations. They take the lead in designing research plans, identifying the most suitable research methods, and facilitating research with users or potential users of a product or service. Following research, they will communicate findings back to the whole team and work with the team to create actionable insights to guide design..