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Our next lunch will be soon. It will be a three-course lunch with senior executives to discuss the impact of Generative AI on UX.

Enterprise UX | Building UX Maturity

Trackita would like to extend an opportunity for you to take part in an interactive roundtable presenting our frameworks, demonstrations, and case studies of how we implement a culture of Human Centred Design(HCD), User Experience (UX), and building a UX community of practice, and the rituals, theories, and tools including a global experience language (GEL) with a design system, enterprise-wide tools that create unity around understanding if the user and experience you are engineering.

We have interviewed a range of senior digital leaders, compiled case studies of client work across our company, and built our frameworks and rollout strategies on implementation and best practice. At our executive lunch, we will take you through our interactive presentation on the practical applications of how to unify a company voice through the rollout of a GEL, that gives consistency with code while allowing freedom to tailor the voice to different channels, brands, and applications.

Enterprises talk about putting the user first and we give a simple playbook of projects that can be adapted to a company’s culture and maturity. Building the employee experience, the experience of the people you serve, and speaking with a unified design voice that is consistent and supports great customer experience as well as the velocity of product teams.

Agility comes from investing in the rituals, practices, and tools to allow UX to be embedded into teams to create rapid delivery by using a component-based approach to design, code creation, and deployment.

New processes are needed to foster collaboration between different digital teams. With the mental health of our employees a number one focus now is the time to invest in helping teams connect with their purpose of serving people. A community of practice is the place to start that journey.

Join us as we discuss with other leading industry executives our views of enterprise GELs and design systems, including:
  • A playbook to build your data-led UX decisions and tracking teams.
  • Beyond the design team, how to grow the UX and HCD practice through drop-in, case studies, lunch and learn templates, and slide packs that inspire the hidden champions in an organization.
  • A review of case studies at NSW Customer Service, of managing the real-time reporting at scale.
  • Our role structure and operational manual for the implementation of a security strategy that answers questions like employee experience.
  • Going from chaos to momentum with the governance pyramid of training, automation, and policing.
  • Using accessibility as a regulatory and business case study to force UX into projects and go beyond business analysts. .
  • Summary of our research on how leading organizations are implementing UX, which government departments have shut down their design systems, which insurance leaders are adding quick builders to their design systems, and which fintech are baking UX into their processes.
  • Practical demonstration of our frameworks, tech stacks, and governance.

Michael Castleman leads the user science practice, supported by a team of UX/HCD designers as they change the way business creates experiences through listening to people, studying data, and scientific testing. 

Michael consults to both the private sector, federal and state government, and venture capital-funded scale-ups delivering leading-edge UX research to guide delivery teams to become user-focused. 

Author of the book “User Science” which is based on methodology learned from over a thousand ethnography studies, hundreds of thousands of split tests, over a million online surveys, and building multiple communities of practice.