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What is a GEL?

As you focus your company on the user experience (UX) you will find a very powerful step is to create a Global Experience Language (GEL) which unifies the companies thought on the customer. The Global Experience Language (GEL) of a company are the guidelines that create consistent, coherent customer experiences across the company’s entire digital landscape. .

First, you start with your segmentation, the foundation of any customer thought. You might have a lens like a considerer, adorer, consumer if you want to focus your team on hows to sculpt the brand. You might have a segmentation based on product lines, if so then lock yourself in a room and redo your entire segmentation. Product line segmentation is an indicator of narcissist company syndrome.

From here you build out your GEL to contain everything you want your company to think of with useble resources to design products for the users. They can be internal or external and those are very different.

From the segmentation you can explain each segment in personas and videos that capture each segment.


This sets up your brand style guides as a designer will need to understand visually how we talk to the user. The language section will explain common terms of how we talk to customer, if its government you may want to always call people citizens fir example.

Down to the tools. This is where you load the fonts, the logos, but the more advanced GELs have the design systems.


Look at something like or to see how you can build a library of components that any one in the company internal or external can use to develop front end applications.

By making a central design system you can then be more agile as a total brand, if you suddenly want all buttons to be square like Microsofts brand not round like apple’s brand you can roll this out across everything if they have forked a central design system.

As with all great projects it is about the change management. As you build a central portal look to add a chat and do webinairs, build FAQs and reach out to market your GEL internally.