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Michael Mason

The Art of Procurement in Government: A User-Centered Approach with KPIs and Value-Driven Budgeting

Ensuring values into procurement Government procurement is a critical aspect of public administration and plays a vital role in delivering essential services and infrastructure to citizens. The UK, for instance, has established a comprehensive procurement framework guided by the Red…

Improving government with ethical AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used in government departments in various ways, including: Overall, AI has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government departments, while improving the experience of citizens interacting with these departments. One example…

What is User Science?

User Science is a philosophy, applied as a Framework, accepted laws, and a empirical method of acquiring knowledge of Users scientifically. Why would we approach the building of an enterprise, or the marketing function with science? Becuase science is very…

The Business Case for A/B Testing

A/B Testing in marketing (also known as spilt testing) allows the identification of the best solution for a marketing propblem by randomizing two elements and checking which has best response.

Velocity is not just speed, it is direction.

Human-centered design and UX research can give a direction and give you velocity in your sprints. Often user research is done once, if at all, but if you find what you need to achieve often you can make the work…

Marketing Budget Assessment

New budgets need to take into account the changes that are taking place. Everything is moving and you need to create an adaptive budget.

Marketing vs IT, tell me what and I will tell you how much!

The ultimate standoff lies in the symbiotic relationship between marketing and IT. Often this leads to a stale mate. The IT team cannot tell you how long everything will take as they don’t know exactly what the business priorities are…

Design Debt will Cripple Your Future

Stop Design Debt crippling your future with a number of easy steps that can be implemented quickly including testing.

What is a GEL?

The Global Experience Language (GEL) of a company are guidelines that create consistent, coherent customer experiences across the company’s entire digital landscape. .

Practical Data Governance

Practical data governance is necessary to ensure a smooth marketing operation.

Simple Strategies for Making a Company wait for SEO to Work.

Strategies to wait while your content begins to rank in SEO.

Google now officially loves mobile more than your desktop

Google now gives your mobile experience higher importance than desktop. Reviewing your website to ensure it is compatible with mobiles is key to good performance.

A Simple Way to Create a UX Center of Excellence

Creating a Customer Experience Center of Excellence is key to improving ROI.

Brand is Built with Experience

If you are in sales or marketing, you are going to be defined as a brand by the experience. This can be hard as it doesn’t seem like you control the experience. This may be true but what can you…

Benchmarking your content creation levels.

Content marketing is the most important marketing tool as all customers are now directing their own buying journey. Who is Doing It? And when people do start delivering the content it is hard to work out if you are delivering…

Why are you marketing your org chart?

Think of every supermarket and you see everything grouped together in supply and department names. I want to buy entertaining food, so I walk from dairy to biscuits to fruit. But I want a cheese platter for entertaining. When I…

3 Steps to Creating a Data-Led Team

The three steps to Data-Led Management are based on real-life examples and will show you how to improve your team management.